• 7:45  Doors Open. Registration.  Poster and Demo Set-up.
  • 9:00  Opening Remarks: Addie Wagenknecht, Open Hardware Summit Chair
  • 9:10  Keynote Eben Moglen
  • 9:35  Democratizing Knowledge (7 Speakers)
  • 11:00 Collective Innovations (8 Speakers)
  • 12:30 Lunch. Poster and Demo area open
  • 1:30  Innovation and Revolution  (8 Speakers)
  • 3:10  Open Ecologies (7 speakers)
  • 4:30  Break
  • 4:45  Panel: Open Source Business: Forking and Attribution + Audience Q&A
  • 6:00  Closing Remarks: Addie Wagenknecht, Open Hardware Summit Chair
  • 6:15  Social hour(s), with Demos and Posters open + food, desserts and drinks
  • 8:15  Doors Closed. All demo & poster materials should be cleaned up and packed out 9pm

Keynote: Eben Moglen

Democratizing Knowledge

13 mins: Justin Shaw, Anool Mahadiria and Kevin Osborn. BADGEr: E­Paper for the rest of us [slides]
13 mins: Ryan Fobel and Aaron Wheeler. DropBot: an open­source  platform for lab automation [slides]
6 mins : J. Simmons  Export Controls and Open Source Hardware
6 mins:  Julius Baxter. Open Chip Development: What there is to gain, and is it possible? [slides]
6 mins: Josef Prusa. State of the RepRap
13 mins: Stefan Hechenberger “Lasersaur, What’s next?”
13 mins: Jean-­Luc Wingert: Desafio: The Wikicar: 100km on 1 liter [slides]

Collective Innovations

13 mins Michael Weinberg. Open Hardware Licenses Don’t Matter [slides]
13 mins  Alice King. Open Source Funding [slides]
13 mins Amanda Wozniak ­ “Collective Innovation ­ Enjoy The Mess” [slides]
6 mins Ken Burns. Launching an Open Source Hardware Business with Crowdfunding [slides]
6 mins Mathilde Berchon. The State of Open Hardware Entrepreneurship in 2013 [slides]
6 mins Ted Hayes. The State of (the Internet of) Things [slides]
13 mins Pablo Garcia and Golan Levin. NeoLucida [slides]
6 mins Jason Huggins Tapsterbot ­ The Mobile App Testing Robot


Innovation and Revolution

13mins Jeffrey Warren. Building a community one kit at a time [slides]
13mins  Marcin Jakubowski ­ The Open Source Industrial Revolution [video]
6mins Harris Kyriakou, Steven Englehardt and Jeffrey V. Nickerson. Traces of Innovation in Thingiverse [slides] [video]
13mins Charles Gracey and David Carrier. Developing a processor with the Open­source hardware community [slides]
6mins  Andreas Olofsson. Parallella: Democratizing access to supercomputing through open hardware [slides] [video]
13mins  Paulo Blikstein How open hardware can revolutionize education (or how we might fail miserably) [video]
13mins  Phoenix Perry “Embodied play design and building a female developer community” [slides] [video]
13mins  Bilal Ghalib “Why?”

Open Ecologies

13mins  David Mellis. Four Principles for an Ecosystem of Open­Source Everyday Devices [slides]
6 mins Matthew Borgatti. How Open is Your Source
6 mins Ilan Moyer. Making Machines that Make [slides]
6 mins Sophi Kravitz Open source Products, Can you Profit?
13mins  Becky Stern Wearables at the intersection of electronics and craft [slides]
6 mins Arnan Sipitakiat and Paulo Blikstein. The PiTopping and a new model for educational robotics
13mins  Caleb Kraft Hackers helping the physically disabled
6mins  Katherine Scott. Solid­Statity Forever: Surviving as a Human in a Robotic World [slides]

Panel: Implications of Open Source Business: Forking and Attribution 60 mins + QA with audience

David Mellis

Hernando Barragan

Catarina Mota

Nathan Seidle

Josef Prusa

Moderator: Michael Weinberg