Bilal Ghalib/GEMSI will be speaking at this years OHS

For the next month, the Summit Chairs will be featuring information about our accepted speakers, demos, sponsors and posters.  If you wish to be featured please email or tweet Addie


Bilal Ghalib runs an organization called Gemsi, a nonprofit that’s helped set up a hackerspace in Beirut and Iraq as part of an emerging wave of DIY maker labs in the Middle East.  He has worked extensively with MakerFaire Africa. In addition, Ghalib’s  Kickstarter project funded a two-day pop-up hackerspace in Baghdad as the country’s first makerspace.  He will be speaking at this years Open Hardware Summit about those spaces, his experiences and where Gemsi is headed. Ghalib has also built a lasercutter for 50 USD, a touch display and has done everything cool with burnout ink.


Want to come? It’s not too late to purchase tickets or even to support Open Culture and become a Sponsor. We hope to see you in Cambridge in September. It’s going to be an event filled with a community of awesome!

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