Implications of Open Source Business: Forking and Attribution Panel

The Open Hardware Movement is at a crucial junction: Companies are growing, licenses are being developed and forking avenues are vast. Within the community there are a lot of questions about what will happen next.  The goal of this panel is to expose and further discuss models in both business and communities of practice. We want to raise key questions for the long-term survival of the open hardware community. This is where you come in:  What do you want to ask?

We have large companies going closed while others are looking at the open hardware community for growth. Radio Shack is starting to sell kits, and many things are becoming mainstream faster then ever before. Ideas are a dime a dozen but execution isn’t. So, how do we keep this an open and fair environment for people to keep sharing creatively? What does it mean to fork? What does it mean to be open, really? How do we grow? Profit?

The Summit is aiming to have a high-profile, well-moderated panel potentially to be a historical event in defining this critical junction and we hope that you will be there:

Forking and Attribution: a panel about open source, business and perspectives of building from common frameworks within creative communities.

Catarina Mota, Open Materials

David Mellis, MIT Media Lab and Arduino

Hernando Barragan, wiring

Nathan Seidle, SparkFun

Josef Prusa, RepRap

Moderated by Michael Weinberg, Vice President at Public Knowledge

Want to come? It’s not too late to purchase tickets or even to support Open Culture and become a Sponsor. We hope to see you in Cambridge in September. It’s going to be an event filled with a community of awesome!

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