Q: How do you determine ticket cost for the Summit and since it’s about Open Source, shouldn’t it be free?

A: The Summit cost between 50-80,000 USD for the day and around 130 USD per person in attendance. Part of the tipping point for us is how much we offer vs how much we don’t. That’s hard. For example, we want to feed everyone breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks including alcohol in the evening and dessert. We pay for AV staff so there are mics, sound, lights, and security, insurance, rental of equipment and a space for the day.

The Summit is run off of self-organized volunteer chairs, teams, and on its own funds, meaning we aren’t controlled by a corporation or DIY conglomerate  We’re a pending not-for-profit. We are proud of this and we are looking forward to once again being able to put together a Summit with no external influences, big brothers, and no need for self-censorship. We regard the OHS as one of the few places where a global exchange using the creative-critical approach to technology and society is possible without censorship or ownership from a major conglomerate who controls who, what or where the Summit can be.


Q: Hotels? Where should I stay?

A: This changes from year to year. Right now a lot of people are getting good rates using hotwire.com or checking in at airbnb.com.