Apitronics will demo at this years OHS!

For the next month, the Summit Chairs will be featuring information about our accepted speakers, demos, sponsors and posters.  If you wish to be featured please email or tweet Addie


Apitronics develops a wireless platform for outdoor environments. The focus is on being able to prototype easily when deploying battery powered sensors and actuators. All the hardware and software source is open for modification and reuse, by hobbyists and for-profit businesses alike. Everything from circuit schematics, bill of materials, environmental enclosure designs, and all the software on the hardware itself is maintained as an open-source project.

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Apitronics’ mission is to help farmers become more efficient and productive by using networks of sensors and switches. We create electronic Bees, who work together and communicate with the Hive. Each Swarm—the Hive and its Bees– functions as a unit and is unique to its environment.

Read more about how it works

Want to come? It’s not too late to purchase tickets or even to support Open Culture and become a Sponsor. We hope to see you in Cambridge in September. It’s going to be an event filled with a community of awesome!

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